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I've been a member of R'osity since it started and consider it my main base of lurking in the 3d graphics realm. I started out with a friend using Bryce 2 and from there we got hooked on Poser :). I consider what I do doodling because that's what I do,I doodle until I get something I like.

I have a Poser addiction that doesn't know when to quit and a Bryce interest that is currently in stasis until I get a computer happy to run both without spazzing. I have 3 very spoilt dogs who rule my life, a house that demands I fix it up soon or it will cave in on me and a garden that is literally taking over my yard :) I live in Australia . I have worked as a I lecturer in IT and also as a IT support Officer both of which I loved, as a hobby I do 3d doodles, if you look at my gallery you might also notice a slight leaning towards my making characterisation of characters from BtVS & AtS. They are my other obsession, I know they are finished and gone but the fandom lives on :) With all of the above I sadly have no life *lol*

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