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Spincycle (Round! Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel)

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Hello all!

Um.  This is where I go blah-blah-blah about myself, right?

In this community of truly fantastic artists, I'm somewhat humbled to say that before 2011, I had little experience in working with digital images and zilch in 3D rendering.  Yeah, I dabbled in painting, and made some truly great forgettable pieces.  And I've also played with clay sculpture, and... made a mess of the house (that's my most noteworthy creation thus far).  But I'd fiddled with some imaging programs before to the extent most others have.  My favorite image created - lost now - was of a giant Pikachu stomping Vancouver.  Nothing 'gainst Vancouver.  It was just... there. ;)

So... um... welcome to... me, I guess.  Pull up a chair, crack a beer, stay awhile.  Please do send a friend request if you like - I'm very approachable, but have a hard time approaching people myself. 

And I really like other people's art, I'm just not great at words sometimes.  So if you're here wondering who the dork is that keeps commenting strange things on your gallery posts... let me just say in my defence, I was drunk at the time.

AND finally, I don't know when to shut up.  Obviously.  Kudos to you if you've gotten this far.

Shutting up now.

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