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I have pretty much been a graphic and web designer for most of my life with several side ventures in the film and music world.  A couple of years ago i started a serries of matte paintings which grew into a massive creative concept i wanted to pitch as a video game one day.  However, as the concept grew, i realized I was stuggling to create my visions. 

So i decided that i needed to learn a 3d program in order to create the content i need for my matte paintings.   I ended up picking Cinema 4d since it seemed to be known as the most intuitive. 

At the moment I am going through the process of teaching myself Cinema 4d, ZBrush, Vue9 xStream, Maya and a few other tools.  I had a small amount of experience with Lightwave 3d back in 1998 and some very old version of Vue from around that time.   Oh, and who didnt make a bunch of ring and ball landscapes in Bryce 3d.  Later i did mess around with Terragen but i got board with that i guess.   

Strangly, my recent 3d endvors got me some side work doing 3d product posters which gave me a little but of C4D nurb extrusion practice. 

I would really like to develope a new 3d and 2d art portfolio so here it goes!!! 


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