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What to say.... 

  hmmm Moi

I started off as a Radio Operator (Morse code in those days) in what used to be Post Office, then became Technical Service Officer (a job which no longer exists thanks to modern technology) - later through University/Job & the advent of computers Sys Admin & event. Network Engineer - working with the likes of Cisco, planning, Installing, maintaining etc.

All good fun, but really a job for young people or people without family. I survived the IT industry 25 odd years, performing my job only slightly worse than a pound of poorly trained rice pudding, but 2008 had a couple of minor heart attacks & suffered burn out with some nasty side effects. After successfully avoiding doctors and hospitals most of my life I've more than made up for it in the last couple of years.

Sick of the sight of them! Have since been declared unfit for work and sent into early retirement - hence my fiddling with Bryce and the likes. Keeps the brain in semi-working order... Surprised

It actually started when they sent me into rehab/spa after my first heart attack.  My therapist started me off with sketching and was so impressed she urged me to try my hand at aquarells. The rest is history.  I discovered a new talent, hitherto well hidden. Thanks to my therapist who endorsed my work and encouraged me no end.

I've come a long way since - I remember when she first started me off I had trouble colouring in a mandela - concentration required was overwhelming.  It took me weeks to finish one picture, doing a little bit every couple of days.

As it turns out, being ill was actually not a bad thing as (up to that point in time) I was only seeing the family weekends if at all - now I know I have three children, oh, and a wife! )

(Plus Dog and two rabbits as it turns out...)

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Anyways - I'm loving the things you can do with Bryce. I'm just a fresh baked beginner, having only had Bryce a couple of weeks so far and learning more and more each day.  Still drains me, but I'm having lots of fun.

When I look at some of the work you fellow artists do, I feel quite inadequate.  In fact, I'd only started to display my works after my wife and a friend urged me to - read: I wanted them off my back....

That, and the fact they'd threatened to do some not very nice things if I didn't....


So there I am - I love to cook, paint (obviously), play drums and e-guitar, love computers, eating, my pipe and a nice glass of port, driving (basically anything with wheels), travel and seeing new places, my radio controlled rock crawler.  And a few other things. 

What else can I say?  I'm a Kiwi currently living in Germany (a long way from home...). The picture of me is not wonderful - I much prefer to be on the other side of the lens - hence relatively few pics of me. I have the mental agility of a pound of cold porridge and the manual dexterity of a spastic gorilla. Oh, and best not left alone with nubile young females and loose cash....


Hope you enjoy my doodles - constructive criticism is always welcome - I AM learning...

Happy painting


Edit - I've had a break from painting for a year or so - I overdid things again in my enthusiasm and basically exhausted myself.

But I'm going to endeavour to get back 'into' it, albeit more controlled and slowly... Hopefully.

Cheers and thanks for the support and appreciative comments.

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