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There isn't much to know about me.  I dabble in all kinds of art.  I've been making art and stories for as long as I can remember.  I started out publishing poetry to fulfill a college dream. I've published a few novellas and a few poetry books.  Visit to see more about my books.  Visit to see more about me in general.  

I started my digital downfall taking pictures so I could paint the pictures in oil paint.  That was the beginning of the end.  I quickly discovered I still had a knack for Photoshop that I had learned in college.  Then I found Wacom tablets.  I had always wanted a thing like a pen tablet!  It all boiled down to me getting a lot of different computer programs to make digital art.  Then I decided to sell my art at  

I also had a brief stent in Second Life with my own gallery.   I loved my gallery and all the things I could make in Second Life (where was Hexagon when I needed it).  I just couldn't afford to run the gallery any more when I had my beautiful little girl!  Nor did I have the mental time; babies are demanding little things ya know.  I was also briefly distracted by World of Warcraft, RIFT, and Guild Wars....and Diablo III and Guild Wars 2.  That took up/takes up a lot of time.  (I married a gamer- we like RPGs). 

Then I started writing novellas. They actually lead me to try and find a program to make "people" for my covers.  I had seen a picture I wanted to use on a free wallpaper website, but I could never find the artist to see if I could use it.  I really don't like using stock covers.  I'm weird.  I can't do a whole lot of cool things, but I prefer to make my own stuff to say it is truly mine.  So, it might not be as "cool" as some people's stuff cause I'm mostly self taught, but by gosh I can say I did it! 

Unfortunately I don't make people so very good when drawing, but I draw a mean flower ;)  When I couldn't find the owner of that artwork I had wanted to use I started trying to figure out how to make 3D people.  Just how did all these "free" wallpapers you see get created...they clearly were not painted...they were something different.  That is how I found Poser and DAZ.  And eventually how I found Renderosity.  I am very glad I found Renderosity.  I guess it was at the end of my rabbit hole!

I've only been working in 3D art since February 2010.  I'm mostly self taught in all my art with a few classes here and there.  A minor in college and just a lot of trial and error.  I was once told by an art professor that I have a unique take on things.  My friends tell me I have an "eye" for photography and art set up in general.  I, however, find more beauty in looking at the art in the gallery here.  I never think my works are as good as the ones that wow me, but people are equally wowed by what I do.  Which is why I love being here in the community.     

I love making my 3D Art.  I really really dislike it when people say that my 3D work is not art.  The definition of art for most is something that conveys a message or mood.  I see the props, textures, etc I get as tools, a means to an end.  I see them as no different than the oil paint I buy at the art supply store.  No, I did not make the tools, but the outcome is 100% mine.  You can't simple just throw some 3D elements into your program and make a nice picture.  You have to understand the concepts of art and lighting.  You have to have a finished idea in your mind just as sure as anyone drawing or painting.  If you give someone the same 3D items and the same program as someone else you would end up with two similar but completely different works.  Just the same as in art class when you have to do still life exercises.  And let's not even start about what we can do with Photoshop :) 

Art is an interpretation of life and feeling.  Art is a tool to get those ideas across.  The medium you choose is up to you.  The feelings are up to the viewer.  Don't bash someone's art just because you don't value the process as one of "art".  To tell me in one breath that my poetry is art but my renders are not is an insult.  I didn't create the English language, but when I arrange certain words together to convey a message it's art...yet when I take 3D items and do the same with my same artistic vision it's not art? 

My home site is and is the portal to all that is me.

I have hip stuff like facebook and twitter :)


I have a PINTEREST account too where I post pictures.


Have a creative day!


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