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A little about me...

My passion for photography is long lived and finally coming to life. I enjoy seeing things through and artists eye...I now look at the worlds beauty through the eye of my lens, that is a wonderful thing. It is truly amazing what you see through that tiny little hole.

A little about me...above is a self portrait, only took me about 50 shots to get...hahahah! I absolutely hate having my picture taken, maybe it is a photographer thing. I like being on the side taking the picture...not in it.

I live in a small little town in SE Indiana, I love it here. The small towns this way are very charming, full of interesting people who always have a smile and a wave. The area is full of crumbling homes, old barns and riddled with horses and cattle. You will always be able to find a home who uses hubcaps as fencing...and yes I am serious. I am constantly finding my next area I am going to shoot when I go out for my weekly drive.

I have 2 children ages 10 and 2, girl and boy...oldest is the girl. My children are not what you would consider the "norm" but then again they come by that honestly. I am not what you would call the "norm" either...kind of eclectic.

My daughter is the brains of the family, facts, facts, facts...not very creative but super intelligent. That little girl never ceases to  amaze me and always has a fun little fact for me every day. If there is a subject matter she is interested in she must own all of the books that relate to it and read them all the day she gets them.

My son is on the other side of the spectrum. G is what we call him, G' has down syndrome and is delayed a bit. When I say a bit I mean a small amount. I have dedicated the last almost 3 years to his development and he is signing books and starting to talk more and more every day. He is a typical boy, and by that I mean BAD! Hahahah! He runs, jumps, tackles the dog, bugs his sister and gets into everything. He is very inquisitive...good thing. G never, ever stops...go, go, go!

I was blessed with 2 amazing children, they compliment each other perfectly and keep a nice balance in the house....meaning they tag team me, hahaha!

My husband is a traveling man so I am here living as a single mom most of the time. It is hard but it pays the bills and allows me to be with G' where he needs me most...home. Which comes back to my business, Meadows Photography. Like I said my passion runs deep for photography so what better home business right? We all know how hard it is to make money doing something you love but I am not going to give up. Someday I will be able to contribute enough financially and be able to bring my husband off the road and try to have a "normal" family life...whatever that is.

So there you have it, me in a nutshell...Not too exciting but hey, it is my life and I love it.

I hope you all enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed exploring all of yours!

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