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Above you see one of my oil paintings . (on board, 18 x 24 cm.)

Welcome to my homepage.
It was my husband who informed me a long time ago about RR.
kareldg has been a member, still for years. But I was not interested.

For about 10 years ago I was suddenly attacked by PTSD. The more I got my memory back to a mentally abused childhood, which I had totally repressed, I got even more physical complaints, mainly in the form of extreme headaches and facial pain. No doctor could cure me of the pain. It resulted in the fact, that I could not express my normal creativity, like music, painting and drawing with various materials, etc.

I joined a forum for PTSD, and started writing about my memories. Also I help other people who suffering from PTSD
I started a weblog, wrote many poems to transpose my sorrow and my feelings into words, and to write about my hopes and my positive expectations, to be healed from all my complaints.

Then in December 2009, I bought a very simple pocket camera, a Sony DSC-S930. And I discovered that photography was a great distraction for me. As I got to know this camera, I got more and more fun. LOL, I've still not read the manual, but often, I am someone figure out everything myself.

Kareldg then helped me with the principles of fractal explorer.
I did my best, and was trying to discover what could be done with it. I overcame my reluctance and was enthusiastic.
In January 2010, I became also a member here, and I started with uploading pictures.
I'm glad I've overcome my fear to dare to do this.
The people here are very friendly, and to be honest, I'm gonna to love them.

We (Karel and I) live in the south of the Netherlands, in the province South Limburg.

I still would like to become proficient in creating digital art, for example, to draw with Ultra Fractal.
It is hard now, because of my PTSD symptoms.
But I'm very happy. I have fun with what I can do now.
I'm a satisfied young woman, and I have my trust in God, which I know, He is my real Father.

What I want to say more is, that I feel blessed by being married (in the year 1968) with a more then fantastic man, as Karel is for me.

God bless,
Jacomina Margaretha de Graaf (Mies)

 ************ "The Truth will make you free" ************

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