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Haven't posted since 2006 yikes...2007 started a downward spiral for me, I lost my Dad to colon cancer, I was diagnosed with kidney failure and placed on dialysis 3times a week for 4 hours, my son was then diagnosed with ms...things were quiet until 2009 when my husband died suddenly of a massive heart attack and shortly after my mom was diagnosed with nonhodgkins lymphoma which is now in remission thankfully. So I've finally
decided to start working on taking my life back, let's hope that it gets to be nothing but better.

Its been hard trying to adjust to the newer versions of Poser, I feel like I have to learn all over again and its not going well...because of windows 7 I can't use the older version I was so comfortable with, I've worked on this image so
long I can't remember when I actually started but I figured if I didn't post this now I probably never would. Thanks for reading my ramblings.
Always, Linda (cwshorty)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I've been asked on several occasions what does Cwshorty stand for, well to make a long story short, as a child I had a tendency to be alittle rough with my toys, or maybe I should say destructive. At the same time there was a popular wrecking company which was named the Cleveland Wrecking Co. - which is still in existence today - so my Uncle started calling me Cleveland Wrecking Shorty. Thus the name Cwshorty. I hope you didn't hit your head on the keyboard while you dozed off during that little story.

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