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About Me

My name's Craig and I'm a Graphic Designer & Illustrator by trade and have been for over 15 years now. Quite a few of my images in the Gallery are from actual projects and these have been listed as such. 

Recent Work

My recent work has to do with the table top Roleplaying World Campaign Setting of the Shadow World (and by 'RPG World Setting', I do mean WORLD! It really is incredibly vast and varied). It's excellently written and imaginative piece by Terry Amthor and Published through the Guild Companion Publications (GCP) and Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE). One of the projects has been the Player's Guide to the Shadow World which also sports my page layouts as well as my illustrations.

This is an excellent entry point for people who want to play within the Shadow World and also for the Gamesmasters (but no 'Gamesmaster Only' secrets are revealed) and it's not dependent on any specific RPG rule system. 

Yes, you may have guessed it - I think the Shadow World setting is awesome and it simply inspires me to create more and more illustrations of it's locations and peoples.

My Software

My software of choice is Vue (superb 3D landscape generator), Poser (3D character application), Photoshop (image editor) which I use for compositing various 3D elements or to digitally paint from scratch (with the help of my Wacom Tablet), pencils and pen - yes, real pencils and pens.

My Web Site

I'm going to be adding in all my relevant images here but at a 1 per day upload restriction, it may take a long time. If you're feeling impatient, you can always pop into my web site - Craig's Sketchpad and have a nose about. 

Your comments are very appreciated and thanks for looking.

Take care, 


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