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Thursday, 1st March 2012

Aisuru [Add Friend]

Aisuru is one of my nicknames. I'm a relapsed writer,  3D enthusiast, semi-retired part-time musician and a frustrated and unfullfilled budding film-maker who's spent most of the working life in a pick'n'mix career mode covering more-less everything from a corporate tart to a kitchen help, and back. 

Fumbling around and blundering blissfully my way though 3D in a stop-start fashion is a relatively new thing for me - out of merciful consideration I guess I've tried to stay away from inflicting untold atrocities on the world of art and the eye-pleasing aesthetics as long as I could. Stop-start because my lack of ability, skill, knowledge  and whatnot would get me so dejected, frustrated and angry with myself I would promise never to do it again, and take up gardening instead.  Or bird-watching. Or golf - anything except this 3D malarkey. Then I'd crawl back after a few months and start all over again.

I work with DAZ 3. Barebones-stripped-down-to-its-boxer-shorts, antique copy of DS3, not because I've chosen it myself, but because my frail, old PC chose it for me. I've tried every demo  3D application available,  but my prehistoric little un-upgradeable menace permanently frozen in time when XP ruled the Windows world seems to tolerate DAZ3 only (not even the 4.5 one - just the old 3 version :facepalm:). And since getting the new swish PC for my 'hobby' is nowhere near the top on the list of essentials or priorities in my household, DAZ 3 it will be for me for a foreseeable future.

I'm painfully aware of not being good at this art-thingy, and constantly fight the urge to profusely apologize for the poor quality every time I pluck the courage to upload anything. It can't make a good read under every image, so I thought I'd do my "...ummm...I'm so sorry you had to see this..." in one go and in one place - here - so I'm done with it.

I create images when I can't express something  in any other way, there's always an emotional undertone to it. I don't know why they turn out the way they do any more than I know why any of my characters turn out the way they do when I write them.

The process is never fun, more often than not it's not a pleasure, either - but it always has a healing, soothing dimension when I'm done.

There may be many more reasons why to take up art, but I guess healing  is surely as good as any.

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