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What? Me Worry?

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Just so everyone knows: my favourite word in the English Language is OBSCENE!  It just comes off the toungue so fluidly and is such a pleasure... TRY IT OUT!  oooobbbbsssceeen!

My favourite phrase is "Vaguely Obscene"... of course, that's how I make reference to just about anything anyone says that has any hint at a double entendre... "That's Vaguely Obscene, DUDE!"

Okay, it's not always so vague, but often times it is!

I've been called  a lot of vaguely obscene things in my forty nine years... not the least of which is Frodo... since I had an arguement with a table saw in 2004 which I lost.  It took my left index finger and the tip of my left thumb as trophies...  Made it hard to hold a nail, believe me!  I was a Stablemaster and a farrier for a time (horse shoer for those of you living in Rio Linda), and it weren't easy!

Before that I was into 3D work professionally, mostly as a modeller.  Pretended to be a tech writer for a little while, and part of the Poser 4 manual is credited to yours truly (I did the tutorial section writing as Ian Grey).

Fell out of it for a long time after I left the industry in 2002, but did make a couple of models here and there as I still had a copy of Rhino 2.

Kinda getting my feet wet again... playing in DAZ Studio with Genesis (a figure which is everything I hoped for back in the day), but only as a hobbyist.  I doubt I'll ever try going pro again, as my skillset is way outdated and largely forgotten.

Oh, the name: wancow... yeah.  See, one of my clients a while back, well, she was a horse trainer and riding instructor and I took care of her horse's feet and fed and bedded them every day... but I'd always find time to get on my own horse and mosey around town... which she'd see me do as she'd pick up her kids from school... so she called me "Wandering Cowboy #3" because I was one of three she knew that did that kind of thing... so that's where that comes from.

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