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Photo courtesy of Tara (auntietk)
I am what you’d call a ‘hobbyist’ artist, I suppose, since I don’t earn a living at it, nor make a significant amount of money with it (I’m hoping to change that). I’ve done a few commercial things, and designed a magazine cover for a now-defunct New Age magazine, but beyond that, it’s pretty much my escape from an increasingly stressful world.
I have enjoyed art, and creating art pretty much as long as I can remember. As grade-schooler, I drove most of my teachers to distraction drawing my little pictures during class. Most of my classmates seemed to enjoy them, though!
Although I enjoy most subjects, my favorite is the human figure, primarily the female figure. I enjoy integrating my figures into fantasy style works. I have many ideas still moldering away in my head, awaiting the day I bring them to life – or at least onto a bit of paper (or these days, an LCD screen).
I like exploring different media to create my works. I’m honestly not sure which I enjoy more; the finished work, or the process of creating it.
I’ve worked with pencil, both graphite and colored pencils, ink, watercolor, airbrush, and have dabbled in oils, although nothing worth mentioning has come from oils – yet. I’ve tried pastels, but it’s just not my cup of tea. I admire ANYONE that can create a great painting with pastels (and there are many); all I get is a chalky mess!
Most of my art these days is digital. I use a Wacom Intous 4 X 6 tablet with my older quad-core home-built Pentium system with 4 gigs of RAM. I also use an HP Pavilion Elite quad-core with 16gigs RAM for Poser. I have recently upgraded to a new system from Velocity Micro. It's a dual hex-core machine with 64 gigs of RAM, and an Nvidea GTX 760 2gig video card. It will take over most of my CG and photography work.
For my digital paintings, I currently use primarily:
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended
Paint Shop Pro 7
ArtRage Deluxe
Poser Pro 2014
Vue 10 Complete
Bryce 7.1
I also have a passion for photography, and have been known to integrate my photography into my digital artwork. In the past, I’ve worked with many young ladies wishing to enter the modeling industry, as well as professional models (no, not Cindy Crawford..). I have had work published in several local publications, and have had several local shows. I have been shooting actively (more or less) since high school back in the 'flower child' days of the 60s, and through a tour of duty in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam 'experience.' My photography these days is about 99.999% digital, which saves uncounted hours in the darkroom. From about 1987 - 1995, I did most of my own processing and printing in my own darkroom. It was fun, but now I highly prefer using Photoshop and today's excellent inkjet printers to spending hours in the dark with funny smelling chemicals, making dozens of 4 X 5 test prints in order to get one halfway decent 8 X 10! LOL!
I currently shoot with a Canon Digital Rebel, but will soon upgrade to either a 70D or 5D mk 3. I've recently started experimenting with aerial photography with the aquisition of a DJI Phantom 2 Vision radio controlled quadcopter (commonly referred to as a "drone" although I prefer to call it a quadcopter, multirotor,or UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).
I do all my own website graphics and HTML. In addition to trying to learn Poser, I’m also working on updating my website skills, to bring my site ( up to the next level.
I also enjoy working in my shop, refurbishing old lamps, designing and creating new ones, and seeing what other fun stuff I can come up with.
As you can see, creating works, whether it be with traditional media, computers, a camera or saws and routers, is an important aspect of my life. Indeed, if I go more than about a week without some creative time, I begin to revert back to my reptilian state.
You can find out more about me, and see some of my work at my website, Rod’s Lair ( )
Namárië (Farewell in Elvish)

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