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JARguy's Domain! ;-)

JARguy71 [Add Friend]

     Hey, glad you could drop by, I won't bore you with my life story so I'll just tell you how I got into 3d art / modelling and what tools I'm currently using.  I discovered Poser 7 around July 2009 by accident, I purchased it after seeing what can be done with it and have been obsessed with 3d art ever since.  After learning everything I could about Poser I realized there would be times when I needed a prop or character that didn't exist in the marketplace so I realized I needed to learn modelling too :-).

     So late 09' I discovered Vue, 3D Coat and of course Z Brush, I was out of work for the first half of 2010 so I had LOTS of time to study, and watch tutorials on these programs, I am hardly a master of these progams but am quite proficient at using them, so if you need help with anything just ask ;-).  As of this writing I just released my first product here at Rendo, The Morphing Halloween Mask!  Too bad I got it released AFTER Halloween LOL!  I am now working on a monster character, I would love to create a wide range of products for the marketplace to challenge myself but my ultimate goal is to be the Ray Harryhausen of the Poser market, so I guess you can expect mostly monsters not V4 breast and butt morphs haha! 

Some more about me!

Name         :  Jeff something or other.....hehe
Residence :  A small quaint town near Toronto
Age              : 34
Music          : Neoclassical, Dance / Trance, Black Metal, Flamenco, Turbo Folk...
Movies        : Anything by Ray Harryhausen (Jason & the Argos., Clash of the titans)  

Other Hobbies : Guitar (usually acoustic), Hiking and Biking, Martial Arts (well just  kicking the s... out of my boxing bag actually, does that count? LOL!)

Current 3d tools : Poser 8, Vue 8, 3Dcoat 3.5, ZBrush 4, UV Mapper Classic, GIMP 2.6



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