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BlackCrusader [Add Friend]

Something to write about myself...

I've taken the time to fill this up a little, cause i don't like it empty.

I'm an electrical Engineer, but whenever I find time between chores at home and my work, I fill it up with playing around in 3D.

I have a lot of WIP... maybe even too much.

But whenever I have a chance to actualy finish something... well I'll finish it. I don't abondon projects I started. Yes, they may take me months to finish, but I hope you like them when they are done.

If you even bothered to come here and read this page, well then here is a list of some started projects:

Love and hate - poses for V4 and BEO2K10 - in store

Clash - poses for BEO2K10 - 95% done

Mission for V4 - Mestophales's mission essentials refit to V4 - 30% done

Recolored - Color pack for BEO2K10 - review status

Leviathan - Scaled ship with module interior (walls, floor, tubes etc...) - 12% done

EYE-BA11 - drone - started

DE5 Troy-ER - mech - concept

H0L0Tool - prop for V4, M4 and BEO2K10 - concept

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