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Mr. Petrit Metohu was born in Tirana on 30 of January 1952. He worked as mechanical constructor in the Food Industry’s Project Institute. The “Pekomeri” Company has started in 1992 as a commercial enterprise in the beginning, than, in 1996 it took place in the field of wrought iron artisan production. The products of “Pekomeri” consist on the decorative wrought iron and mosaics natyral stones.
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Today, we are one of the most important enterprises of the country and it is distinguished for her large gamma of iron decorative productions and the variety of her models and different styles.
Aggressive and gentle, helpful, with fantasy, the iron manifacturated with hands, find itself even in our days, for his mutual nature that we have in every model. As a synonym of continuity, the wrought iron worked with the hammer by the masters of “Pekomeri” can be noble even in the creation of the ancient human been.
As a product of the third Millenium,“Pekomeri” which is in the same time actual and creative, present a very special view of his profile, created form the efforts that an element which seems modest stimulate a great fantasy.
The wrought iron of “pekomeri” is stronger and elastic and is very prefere for the outdoor decoration of the objects, the indoor accommodation, for everyday use, etc. He is reach with new styles in the way that the products performed by us, to satisfied as much as we can the thousands of clients inside and outside Albania .
There is a return at the old style named “Baroque” in the first years of the third Millennium. it shows her with the various and wonderful products of fences, gates, and many other objects that for more than 3000 years, goes together with the man's life and work.
God Efesto used to prepare the weapons of iron only for Gods and heroes in the Greek mythology.
There were produced with wrought iron fantastic “capo lavoro” of the romantic and gothic arts in midlife.
Today, the artizanal tradition and the technologic innovation collaborate together to perform a great production by the wrought iron. capable enough to lead the design of the third millennium.
Today seems that everything is transformed and many entertainments have forgotten the tradition of the wrought iron.
At the contrary, “Pekomeri” company has create something new very personal that makes her and his President very popular in the field of arts, making great works such as:
 The Scene of the Gjirokastra's folkloric festival on 2000 and 2004
 The scene of the “12 dreams of the summer nights” concert.
 The scene of “We love more Albania ” concert.
 Décor works of the circus arena of Tirana.
 The scene of National festival of song in RTVSH on 2005.
 Also, there are realized the décor works and accommodation of the Petrela Castle .
 Décor works of Lekursi Castle in Saranda.
 Decorative benches all over Tirana, Saranda, Durresi, Vlora, Burreli, etc.
 Decorative lights on the “Elbasani” str.
 Decorative lights in City of Fier .
 Decorative lights of the Scanderbeg in Kruja castle. ,


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