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Sea Dog's Port of Call

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Sorry for the corny title - just couldn't resist.
My name is Dennis and I just got back into photography after two-decade layoff.  I started off in 35mm in 1973 and lugged a couple of bags of gear, cameras, lenses, etc around the world during a 22 year Navy career. 
I got out of that habit after kids came along and cribs, diaper bags and car seats elbowed out camera gear for room in the car.  Also, while my wife was remarkably patient with my stopping and waiting for just the right lighting, dirty-diapered kids were less so.

I got back into photography after my wife "forced" me to buy a DSLR in December of 2008.  We'd gone to a camera store to buy a point and shoot for her to use in her antiques and collectibles business and she caught me looking at a couple of DSLRs in the display case. She suggested I check them out 'just for fun", but, when I tried to give them back to the sales person she asked "Which one do you want?" and refused to leave the store until I chose one.

Sadly, I lost Mrs Sea_Dog to cancer six months later, but fortunately she got to see me revive the passion I once had.  My gallery is a lasting tribute to her and our love.


Over the last two and a half years, since learning about Renderosity from a friend, has been a continuous learning and discovery process.  The artists here are so amazingly talented and inspirational - and extremely friendly.  Seeing their work and reading their comments on mine have allowed me to grow as an artist much faster than I could have on my own.


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