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Azhrarn [Add Friend]

What lurks?  Middle aged goth housewife with artistic obsessions, strong opinions and a mildly fetishistic love of all things Star Wars.  Works too hard, plays too hard, doesn't sleep nearly enough. 

When will it upload?  It has uploaded already.  Most future uploads will not be available here though.  I'm not a fan of the new freebie policy and jumping through hoops for one store is quite enough non-art work for me, so you'll just have to browse my place at Poser Addicts for that kind of thing.

  Textures, mostly for freebies of much yumminess.  Yes, have some.

Why isn't it uploading much to its gallery?  I went crazy and became a commercial texture artist.  As I've discovered, this is a real time sink.  But I do still manage to squeeze out the occasional fun render for the gallery.

Will there be more Mandalorians?
  Oh yes.  There will always be more Mandalorians.

Who's that weird lady in the picture?  That's me.

Pet Peeve:  ...Bimbo marketing.  I hate it.  If you're selling a motorcycle mesh, show me the motorcycle mesh.  I don't want or need to see a trailer trash barbie mesh posed all over it in every promo.  If you're selling a cool scene set, show me the scene set and spare me the strippers.  In short, if you're not selling me trashy Vicky crap, please spare me having to see it...

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