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Emma Alvarez And Jordi R Cardona

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We are a married couple that lives in Spain. Our names are Emma Alvarez and Jordi R. Cardona.


I started in digital art in 1998, alongside my husband Jordi R. Cardona, by chance, making virtual reality worlds. And today I can say that digital art is all my life, and thanks to this, I make exhibitions, show my works in art galleries, make conferences, and even appear in the media.

I like making resources for Renderosity and watching the works of others. That makes me feel good, because art is for that: making others happy :)

If you want to see my works, drop by my site:

You can also follow my news and exhibitions here.

You can add me on Facebook too:

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I'm 3D modeler and photographer.

I got my studies in photography at the IDEP School Of Photography And Design of Barcelona (Spain), one of the most prestigious private institutions in this country and abroad (Nikon Course of Digital Photography)

For me photography is all about framing and shape, the correct angle of light and how they affect the feeling that a picture wants to express. 3D is my passion, and I like modeling more than anything else, in every aspect, even in those who usually make people want to pull their hair out!

Since I was a child I had some skills that pointed to 3D modeling. I always loved computers and programming, but was later, when I discovered 3D modeling, when all those skills, developed through life, and everything that interested me, seemed to converge into this. I always felt interested about the shape of things, how they are, how they look, how they were done, the colors, even the shape of space. Everything pointed to modeling, and through time, I discovered that my place was here.

As Emma said we started together in building 3D worlds. Then Emma built most of her artistic career and became also a vendor at Renderosity. She encouraged me to open a shop here too, and for some time we had separate shops.

We finally decided to join our shops, to be together in our common 3D passion, as we are in all facets of life, together as we started.

My sites:

- My photo portfolio / home site

Find me also in any of these sites:

Twitter: Twiter

Facebook: Jordi R Cardona


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Thanks for dropping by, and if you have any doubt with a product or anything feel free to contact us:)

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