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Its about the process

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I have been playing with computers for about 25 years. The first program that I typed into a computer drew a picture of a christmas tree and played "deck the halls". I have loved everything graphical ever since. I remember it taking days to render a manelbrot zoom on a 1mhz computer. I remember the first time I ran rend 386. The process is where the fun lies. Oh, hopefully the result is an image that looks good, its how you got there that counts.
I have been drawing various things with Cad Stations for a living for just about 20 years now. Umph that seems like a long time when I actually write it down. I am a computer geek  when I am not being paid to be a paid to be a cad a geek.
My current interests are modeling, texturing (materials), lighting, rendering, and compositing. My focus is mostly on how it applies to Architecture but, is not limited to that. Of coarse I am also interested in the harware to drive all of this too. So my render farm is the hardware side of this reinvigorated interest in a subject that I have loved for a long time.

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