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Helloo !! I'm Kimberly aKa Selina, Shemale, :)

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Last Publish On: 8 / 18 / 2014   4:20 PM


!Helloo !!

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~••~* •:*¨¨*:•°-:¦:-heart1 I'm Kimberly K. heart1-:¦:-°•:*¨¨*:*•~•~
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Thank You For comeng To My Artist Page,

I'm Kimberly 

I'd like to think of myself is just simply an all around artist...

 I got my love for 3D stuff in I just  loved it so much back then. That one day I look up moor 3D stuff and i find DAZ Studio i think it was back in 2008. I always knew and loved how to draw and pant all throw school and I just love playing with dolls. So now i can do the two things I love together in doing my 3D art...

Well i love doing real life & up to date cool style's and what is beautiful to Me... I do the skein textures just by changing all the materials or settings on the skins of all the dolls i us. by using the Elite Human Surface Shaders. like say getting a not so cute doll V4 or M4... or say on a prop i don't like how it looks so i just change it all until its as real life looking for me as i can get it.  i also like changing the morphs as much as i can to. i just want moor real life stuff like props. if you need it in real life then i want it for the 3d life... making a couch or loveseat....  knick knacks things to sat on a table picture frames and so on and so on....   I do welcome all gifts are any testing that you would want me to do in DAZ Studio or poser 2012 I do so love receiving and enjoying and cherishing them so much,   

I guess you can say I just all out love doing realistic artwith all 3D stuff...

 You can add me on facebook at,


I do read My mail Daily at

Member of the Month for August 2014

? Artist Name -- Kimberly Kay Krosby. Known to You all here as: ArtistKimberly

? Member since -- joining on May 31, 2008,

? Genre -- I love creating modern real life art in all 3d... Using Daz studios. Modern 3d graphics designer... Would be my title I guess for now...

? What is your background? -- while I really don't know what to say on this one I was born in a small town here in Anderson Indiana I was borne a little boy I knew very early on in my mind that I really was a little girl trapped in this body and I had to fix it immediately to be me.
to a mom that was very strict in old school... and could not really rap her mind around
The Change that had to go throw within myself. for now every since I was 13 years old I've been a girl an legally have my name change as well as many surgeries to make sure that that is the case now. Butt i feel so artistic and everything that I do in my whole life...
through local lessons in singing successfully sing as a A soprano. An as well as move and function as a real life woman which would take on the art of dance so we have the movement we have the voice and now we have the body to match the mind.
in time my mom come around and was very supportive of this. She would still frown everytime I grabbed a Barbie doll. I just cannot tell you guys how much I love playing with doll's all my love for doll's has never wavered i play with dolls everytime I fire up my DAZ studio
as a 30 something woman I still cannot get enough of playing with dolls probably because when I was little I felt like I couldn't play dolls to my heart's content. BUT I CAN NOW THOUGH LOL!

I've been giving an amazing talent.Where to this day I could just sit down and drawl anything that comes to my mind. every since I was in grade school with all the other little kids in art class where I could draw realistic detailed Drawing or painting...
my mom was a deep religious woman... so I began to draw Angel's feather wings Fabrics As well as a very realistic human figure... in time i expanded to into oil painting I did some sculpture work as a student of all of the Arts...
The one thing that I regret and just simply cannot grasp to this day is reading and writing I still only read and write out of 3rd grade level but however
I can speak freely on my computer I have many apps in dictation apps in reading apps that helps me read but sometimes I get in places in spots where I go to talk to someone in Maine think that I'm from another country or they just don't understand me at all...
I just wish I could just say to them I'm just a literate but I just don't have the balls to always remember to just say that I guess. its best to just say it here say it loud and say it as if I were proud.

? What is your main tool of choice? -- Daz studios and The GIMP.

? What subject do you most identify with? -- capturing a real life... such as a any thing modern designing and decorating set's and the environment to portrait... through any source of 3d medium such as poser or Carrara any of them...
But Daz studios its my go to favorite 3d application of all time. To be honest I really don't know if I understand this question or if I answered it right but however there you have it, LOL

? What or who inspires you? -- While I could say a lot here i think for me just viewing the new artist galleries here at Renderosity has always inspired me.
I learned so much just by seeing everyone's art here more than any other Gallery I ever have seen in my life. The whole layout of the galleries here is just so user friendly if I could suggest any improvement it would be just to make the thumbnails bigger that's it.
I'll always believe bigger is better LOL! And Obviously I'm also inspired by music all the styles... From day one that has been one artist that has stood out more than any other artist to date really and that is My dear friend Charlie. Known to all of us here as callad.
This one is a once in a lifetime extraordinary talent... And where I would truly strive to be. Her realization in realistic people is a astounding.
But she's just one of many amazing artsit is it I've had the privilege to either meet our Myers from a distance another name worth mentioning is RGUS.
His artwork to is another artist that I would strive to be like as well but these are only two examples of the style in which I like to see as well as to do and be like myself...
I'm also inspired by anything that silver does I have a strong love for victorious 6 and she does the most amazing characters for my Victoria 6 that I have ever seen I love her style...
And as a friend she changed my life by help me fixing my directories and she did such an amazing job of Explaining to me the simple cut and paste method. I did not know that you could cut and paste the directories like I do now as a pro.
She told in great detail how to fix my DAZ studios. Now every time I fire up my DAZ studios. and see my content the way is supposed to be I'm so thankful and grateful for this. So Thank You silver,

? What vendor or vendors do you give the most
credit to? -- First and foremost - P3Design, Silver, Constance, RPublishing, Fabiana, Ironman13, outoftouch, Rhiannon, Danie, marforno, P3D-Art, TruForm, 3Dream, Mairy, Sveva,

? What is one of your all time favorite products in
the Marketplace? -- Silver and Countess the Amazing Lady Frostwhisper. I JUST LOVE HER For reasons explained in my image that I did using this character in the piece called. Home Where I'm Free.
I lost my partner and best friend of nearly eight years. Which obviously drastically changed my whole life as i know it to be... And that's really all I'm gonna be able to say about that given that the pain is still so very real.
And then Paine. By: Silver and Countess. all so Because when I bought her I was in real life great pain myself I had double pneumonia and it nearly killed me. But I was unable to work during the time for a very long time.
i head very last little bit of money and bought this doll. and have made sure that i always used her, And in love and adore this doll for helping pulling me through a another real life pain in my life. And then PD Nails by P3Design: This was the very first gift
i was given by a main name celebrity here at Renderosity, I was so honored and and thankful for the gift, it so in powered me to feel so special about myself and my art... And in what I was doing this small gesture help me feel so thankful and grateful...
And help me to fill so much pride in myself and I artwork that i was doing. all that from just one little gift. Now since then I've received many gifts and continue to receive gifts. That I'm very thankful and grateful and honored to have in my collection.
these gifts have given me more love and joy than I could ever ever say, really thank you guys for giving me the joy and the confidence that you given to me through your loving gifts in kind gestures of giving me the time of day let alone a gift...
So A GREAT BIG HUGS & Thank You's to the gift givers you all know who you are thank you all so very very very much....

? Who is your favorite fellow artist? -- Omai too many to say here I could not mentioned this one or two or three there's too many...

? Any tips you would like to share with the
Community? -- Yes just abundantly follow your heart do whatever makes you happy in your artwork, By simple Express self through your artwork. Stay true and honest to what you love to do,
I myself can't get enough of playing with dolls shopping posing them brushing their hair LOL ! and so on and so on... And never stop learning...Like looking up things on YouTube that you might just want to know or need to know,

? What is your favorite on Renderosity's website? -- The marketplace... for one and then the gallery of course...
then I have to say the people of the community there so amazingly sweet and supportive i have met so many amazing friends through this website that I just love so much.

? What would you like to see improved on the
Renderosity site that would bring the Community
closer together in the future? -- I have a big fantasy that one day. on one website somewhere we can take our V4 and M4... V6... M6... and put them in a chat room where we can have them all sit and talk in are 3D personas kinda like IMVU and Second Life...
outside of that pipe dream I don't really know where there could be much improvement what more could you ask for anything more we have it all right here

? Anything else you would like to add? -- Yes I want to thank you all so much for this wonderful opportunity,
I feel so honored an thankful and grateful for this moment that you've given me, Also just want to add what am I all time favorite figures has been Victorious 6.
so I so want to reach out to the vendors that create content for her I want platform sandals and Nice new low rise bell bottom blue jeans and more tight fitting sexy v neck crop top dresses tops...
accessories Suchaes belly rings, ear rings, bracelets, my characters would love more rings... for the vendors who already made dolls for v4 to include update for there dolls, With an extension pack that includes Genesis 2 female morphs to go along with the textures...
Hint hint... Silver and Constance, I'd love to see a copy of Pain for the Genesis 2 female morph from you guys,

I really greatly appreciate it thank you all so very much to my friends and fans and my Supporters on this website and off this site...

Great BIG Hugs for you all.


Last Publish On: 8 / 18 / 2014   4:20 PM

~••~* •:*¨¨*:•°-:¦:-
BIG HUGS 2 ALL MY FRIENDS-:¦:-°•:*¨¨*:•~•~

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