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Imanu2008 [Add Friend]

 hey guys, my name is Imanuel d'Anjou, age 16.
I'm living in the netherlands despite my french name, and also despite my egyptian heritage. 
Some friends and I got this fantastic idea. 

something nobody has ever done before. 

we are planning to make a RPG, set in medieval Europe. that's a first, regarding the the number of fantasy RPG's compared to historical RPG's. I got to work as soon I got 3Ds Max. love that program.
the first version of our game is going to be a halo combat evolved mod, because that game has a simple engine that also looks decent. I'm the lead artistic and audio designer. I do models, textures, sounds and voices.

we need help though. we can open halo models in 3DS Max now to edit them (e.g. to make a knight out of a marine) but we can't get them back into the game. if anyone knows a lot about these things, we would be eternally thankful.

I might post some free objects, because I saw that my house models for example, were much better than most of the paid ones. for this counts "do ut des"(I give so you will give)
I post some models, you give me feedback, I post some more.
also keep an eye on my youtube account for trailers.

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