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Soul Projector

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!please do not use, reproduce or distribute the images appearing in soulprojectors gallery without obtaining prior written permission of the artist, thankyou.
We all love and find inspiration in other peoples work , be inspired by it dont steal it!! Ive found in my line of work people are so ready to tax your creations, someone in a club set up a tiny dv camera in front of the projector screen and stole my animations and films to use themselves in a club they worked in! I went to that club a few months ago and found the v.j. mixing my work up! he was adamant he created it until I told him to look closely at the screen , I had a disguised logo in the mix! silly man - i showed him my business card and there it was as clear as day , the very same logo! plagerism is the highest form of flattery but when it comes to your earnings its a different matter!!! the man whos name I wont mention (he knows who he is)doesnt work for that club anymore! I DO now!! I showed them my showereel and they sacked him straight away, so the moral here is dont steal other peoples work!

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Hi there!! I hope you enjoy your stay in my cyberplace im also known as MrPsiquedelico and my musical alias is ohmni.


soulprojector's a.k.a. ohmni's origins are in the club scene as a V.J. (videographer/vmixer) He has travelled all over the world mixing it up with many d.j's, producers and musicians, Talvin Singh, Carl Cox, Derrick May, Laurent Garnier , Keni Ishii, Jim Masters , Dj Lulu, the band of holy joy, EZ Rollers, Dj Largo, Ritchie Hawtin, Pure Science, Lee Scratch Perry, The Mad Proffesor, Dub Warrior's to name but a few!!!! soulprojector (real name Stefano) has collaborated with many artists and has provided audio visual mixes for numerous club nites in many different countries. He worked in the television industry for eight year's training wannabe's in the art of camerwork, editing, pre & post production, compositing lighting, presenting etc. He recently started an audio visual production studio 'experimentalwerkz' and already has a string of Arts Council events, conceptual films, animations and productions under his belt. pushing boundries, ohmni has worked with virtually all creative mediums in order to express himself, from outdoor sculture utilising many natural resources through to (hu)man made substances, the canvas is not a stranger to ohmni as he has had many exhibites of his mixed media paintings to date. the multimedia excursions and audio visual installations are his main area as he has worked in the photography/videography field for over a decade. (a memeber of the royal institute of photography) is it not the job of an artist to push boundries and constantly find new ways of expression? stefano (ohmni/soulprojector/mrpsiquedelico) enjoyed a stint as the artist in residence at the museum of technoloy (cambridge,uk) an excessivly diverse canvas for the painting!!! when it comes to work, stefano's real passion is watching the crowds reaction to the audio visual enviroment they have entered, getting worked up to a euphoric state, an elevated state of consciousness ( you dont need drugs to open those doors!!! but some people find it helps!!! ) throughout the night, as it is the synergy between the crowd, audio and visuals that create the atmosphere, it all becomes very connected, to bo honest the crowd become the canvas of the vj artist! and the visuals being mixed are mearly the creative tools.

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if your interested you can find ohmni here:
ohmni track page at soundclick ohmni audiovisual artist page

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