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Bagley's Poser/Bryce Gallery

MikeArizma [Add Friend]

In my galleries, you will find many works, all done using Poser characters in Bryce renders. For my particular style of artwork, Poser and Bryce seem to work together nicely for me.

My real name is Walt Bagley. I joined Renderosity while using a screen name, which has hung with me ever since. My artwork evolved from the standards --- oils, acrylics and inks. A while ago, when the first really good computers began producing great graphics opportunities, such as my Amigas, the traditional forms of artwork lost some of their appeal for me. The promise of ever-increasing degrees of realism in this digital world has created a sort of new frontier, where I feel that sort of excitement explorers might have felt coming upon a new island or when an archaeologist uncovers something new. The last uncharted islands have since been found, and almost all of the various wildlife has now been documented, even as they still find new forms of life in the jungles around the world to this day. But finding a new place, hidden behind a fog bank someplace, is only a dream for fiction these days. That is sad for those with an explorer's spirit. The next frontiers are too far or much too difficult for most of us to visit, such as the depths of the ocean and the reaches of space. That's why I find great excitement in the field of computer graphics. I am excited by the ability to create realism digitally. And there it is---a new frontier, which gives people like me something to wonder about and wait for, excited about the next step in this ever-evolving field. And when I see the work pouring out of the Hollywood studios, utilizing more and more computer graphics, I realize that the power that created that will soon belong to the rest of us. This technology grows exponentially, it seems. And to spur the imagination of those of us looking for something new, this field promises few limits and the realization of dreams.
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