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Hi my name is Marty and thank you for taking the time to look at my images. In comparison to most people I have not posted many images and am in constant awe of the artists and photographers who are here daily and posting.


          The following story is mine and I am not telling it for any other reason than to let my friends here know why sometimes my comments are short or perhaps very repetitive in nature. I use cut and past most of the time due to motor skill problems.


On November 30, 2006 I went out to get the mail, which is probably within 20 feet of my driveway and on the way back to the house I was shot twice.  Once behind my right ear and the second one hit me in the top of the skull. Doctors never expected me to awaken from my comma however I did and am here doing fairly well.  One of the bullets is logged in my right frontal lob and is impossible to be removed.


At the time I was working in a Bank in Tandem Security a fancy name for computer security. Police have no idea why this happened since I had no public contact at the bank and had lived there only a few years. I was shot at close range due to powder burns and my hair being on fire until the blood flow put it out.


Have moved over a thousand miles away and do not plan to return to that area for any reason. Even now when I hear a backfire from a car or truck I want to dive for cover.

Update July 1, 2012

Due to balance probelms I have not been able to look at the computer very much. Hope to be able to comment more in the future and hope everyone understands. 


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