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  Welcome to my Home Page.

  My background is quite varied, as are my pursuits.  I used to paint military figurines (25mm Napoleonics and WWII 1/35th).  Detail on the larger ones was down to eye color; on the Napoleonics, I experimented with silver and gold leafing details.  I even made my own 2-hair brushes for extreme detail. I used to collect American Civil War uniforms and orders, medals and decorations (mostly USA, GB and Imperial Germany and Austria).  I drew pictures and comics in High School.  This all changed when I had an operation on my eyes and, in an accident, suffered nerve damage to my right arm.  Drawing is out, painting is back to age 12, and caligraphy is an exercise in futility. (But, that's what physical therapy is supposed to help, right?)  So for now,  I continue my real passions: writing prose (historical fiction) and poetry (mostly  classical Gothic poetry).  
  I am amazed at the creativity within this site.  It is like looking at a gemstone: all the different art  forms and styles are its facets.  And they do shine brilliantly!  The hope, support and humanity is inspiring.  I appreciate all of it.  Especially those images and words that invoke my own muse, looking over my shoulder, to say "Oh, look!"  I thank you all.
  Oh, why PSDuck?  I make duck noises, especially the "chuckle" and the "food call".  Yeah, I talk to ducks, go figure.  Done so since I was a child.

  Carry the Light within your Heart, fear not the Dark.
  PSDuck (Allen)

Update 29 March 2012:

My father passed away on 18 November 2011.  My brother, who smells some money has made life a nightmare since then.

My wife passed away in her sleep on 7 March.  I have recovred from the shock with the help of my children.  My daughter, who lives with her family, is only two miles away.  She brought me to the dance class she and her husband attend, for "dance therapy".  It helps.

I am over the worst of it.

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