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NOT Easy with english language.
  • New member (Joined january 2008)
  • Beginner in 3D as amateur.
  • uses (learns) DAZ|studio only (and photoshop elements)
  • Presently collecting items for a private site, a sub-urban family association with the purpose of simple illustration, not art. That exists too. I shall tell more about that later. 

Presently I use still only Vanessa for V4, a sweet lady whom I choosed for the single reason that she had the decence to come with at least hair and a 2nd skin bikini, but whom, after few nights of week-end spent in her company, I finished by feel along my heart.
- February 8th added a lot of kids from DAZ's the free and platinum area. DAZ is very rich in this domain.
- February 10th added 5 Michael-David gentlemen with differents features (Doctor, lawyer, teacher ..) from DAZ. Easy choice and very cheap.
- need half a dozen of strongly different looking ladies from here (they look more sexy than DAZ's one), but I'm waiting for the budget, and still enable to choose regarding the great number of nice models availablehere. Hope they will wear DAZ clothes and hair, but I know that I'll have to buy more. Women's beauty is costly as in real life, as it has to be.

  • Added more Lisa's botanics, what a trip!  
  • Castle and other Gothic buildings (excellent), now modern buildings (choice is narrow).
  • february 10th: added DAZ's "Modern appartment 39" and all usual furnitures I could Find. Offer is very poor in this domain.
  • February 12th: adding a lot of props for day-to-day life. They all look dull, but some exceptions.
Lighting (learning)  with Deamlight's LightDome LE and StudioLight LE.

My pending question: Since I accepted to give a little life with pictures to a bore local intranet of a family association, of which  I am a voluntary (amateur) webmaster, I received a very thin budget, but some friends and neighbours gave me boxes they have and don't use: A photoshop CS2 (english) , A Dreamweaver 3 (FR) , A flash 5 (FR) , and a LightWave 8 (EN). After having installed and registered, I decided to leave all that on beside for later, except Lightwave , which could perhaps be interesting for me, although I have planed before to begin with Carrara as soon as possible. Between them both my heart balances, but I want not to open a topic on that subject. Beginner are welcome here, but I must care not to abuse.


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