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To start with, let me clear up one minor detail.  Online I actually go by the name of Gilliadson rather than Elwinde.  Why I did that here I have no idea...  Just call it a brain fart.

I have not been doing 3D art for long,  A friend of mine from Everquest introduced me to DAZ Studio and it seems I just took off with it.  I have done a little work with Blender.  (Which is what I used to create my FDSword and Magestaff props.)  My 2D programs of choice are and The Gimp.  I don't understand why gets so little recognition.  It's easy to use, quite powerful and is really like Microsoft Paint on Steroids.

Anyway most of my art stems from my story writing which stems from playing EQ.  My main stars in my pictures are Gilliadson and Sineliniel Shadowbane.  Gilliadson is a Human Paladin and Sineliniel is a High Elf Elementalist (Magician in EQ)  Other Characters from my EQ stories include Willanaome Bramblerose, D`Nar Vel`Dynn, Myrikel Shadowbane, Verlaine Shadowbane to name a few.

Taena is a new Character I created using Tanya for V4 and is not Related to EQ at all...  I am working on developing a series for her and a story.

My other pictures that are not found here can be found in the Gallery Forum at and at DA under the name of Shadowbane-EQ.

Comments and Critiques are always welcome.

Thank you all who have left comments, added to Favorites and/or Rated any of the images.

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