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Hi, I'm Lucinda

The photo was taken with my new Canon EOS 450D (with a tamron 18-200mm lense), by me in the mirror. It's a little overexposed, but at my age, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Bare Bones Bio:
I was born in Louisiana, USA in 1956, youngest of four girls. In 1967 we all moved to New Jersey when my father was transferred. I've always loved to read and soon gravitated towards Sci Fi, Fantasy, and nonfiction (mostly English History). The last was influenced by watching Masterpiece Theatre. I had the opportunity to go to the UK and Greece on 10 day Easter trips through my high school, which instilled in me an itch to travel. After one year of college,(I learned a lot, but unfortunately not much from my professors and text books) I joined the Air Force and went to Japan and England. I married a fellow GI (Bill), in England, got out of the Air Force (Bill stayed in)and went back to the States. Bill and I then lived in Rancho Cordova, California (where we had our first son, Charles),
Biloxi, Mississippi (where we had our second son, James), Oxfordshire, UK (For me, thank you Bill), and San Antonio, Texas (where we live now). Bill is retired from the Air Force and drives a Big Rig for J. B. Hunt. I am an office manager for a carwash. Charles and James graduated last May from University of Texas at San Antonio and Texas A&M at College Station respectively. Yeah!!!

Reading - Mostly nonfiction history, though I have widened the field somewhat. I also like journals and diaries and have been reading "The Diary of Samuel Pepys" on and off for a while now. I'm currently on Vol. VII 1666. (I haven't gotten to the great fire yet). My fiction tends to run to fantasy, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and Neil Gaiman to name a few.
Music - I grew up on rock, folk, musicals, classical, and Gilbert and Sullivan. I still love all that and have added jazz, blues, bluegrass, celtic and a little country. I don't play any instruments and can't sing (the singing talent in our family seemed to lessen with each new sister and I'm the baby of the bunch), but I'm an enthusiastic listener.
Art (Drawing, Photography and Oil Painting) - One of the regular pastimes of my sisters and I growing up was paper dolls. We used typing paper to make swimsuit clad paper dolls with pattern book heads. Then we spent countless hours drawing and coloring clothes for them. Depending on the current story, they could be clothes from Regency England, Colonial America, or Star Trek. I also drew faces from the hairdo magazines and was happy if they looked fairly human. I now draw and have recently taken up oil painting. I'm a definite amateur at photography. I've taken pictures since the mid 70s when I went to Japan, but they are mostly of my travels, kids and cats. I've got a lot to go through to see which ones are worth posting. I bought my first digital camera last April (09) for my birthday (I ordered it in April, received it in May, for my birthday in June. (I don't believe in being too literal about such things) I bought PhotoShop in June. I've still got a lot to learn on both, but it's a lot of fun.
Other - My sister Gail and I love The Teaching Company lectures. We both buy history, I occasionally buy literature and she occasionally buys math and science and we watch each other's. I'm also a tad fond of cats.

I could gush, and probably have, about all the talent I see on RR. I find myself using the words wow and beautiful far too much. I guess I should pull out the Thesaurus. 

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