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Still not much to say.

My first 3D experience was Poser 2, which, while excited beyond all words about the possibilities, I completely ignored. It wasn't until Poser 4 (I equally ignored Poser 3) that I started to take any of this seriously. I rarely use Poser, or any other modeling program, for what I originally envisioned (creating mind-boggling graphic stories), I am always rendering and spending unfortunate oodles of ducats on this.  It's become an addiction I've stopped trying to fight.

Among my many hobbies and passions are movies, music, reading and collecting comics, and, yes, 3D software programs. I make my living as a systems operator and desktop publisher, while hoping to one day sustain myself with my fiction writing, a love I've sinfully turned my back near a decade now.

I'm a former couch potato. While I still watch far too much t.v., I'm no longer taking the TV Guide and planning my whole week around what's on. Among my favorite shows are "Law & Order" series. My flat out favorite shows right now are "The Shield" and "24". The greatest show of all time is "The Rockford Files", which even now still holds up pretty good to anything on the air . Favorite films include "Unforgiven" and "The Matrix." I love being a part of this 3D community and love how the Internet allows us to interact like this. I thank you for the precious time it takes you to explore my work here and elsewhere out there and, yes, for even coming to this page.

take care

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