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ThunderStone [Add Friend]

Always thought there were little people living inside a miniature radio station in my radio.

I am a "Bits & Bytes" artist who deals in the fantasy world of computer and sees the world as populated by little people living inside radio boxes.   Currently I am living in the one of the five boroughs of NYC.

Computer generated images and virtual reality became an interest with me when I first saw them on TV and in movies. I must have brought a dozen or more VCR tapes to study them as I longed to create my own fantasy reality. When I got my first PC (A Tandy 1000 TX), I tried unsuccessfully to duplicate that feat with the rudimentary animation software and hardware of the time. Now it's easy to create even a small world (as in Virtual Reality) as shown on TV or in Sci Fi movies. Some of my creations are born out of a dream. I really enjoy seeing them come to life on a computer screen.

I had done oil paintings and watercolors and has given them as gifts to close friends and family members, but I really preferred doing them on the computer. No messy clean up afterward.

My taste in art can run the gamut from fantasy to almost real life.

And that's all I got to say about that! -- Forrest Grump

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