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In the chill of the glacier's gloom...the Iceshark reigns supreme

Iceshark39 [Add Friend]

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to take a look through my gallery.
I've only been working with DAZ for a short while, since February of 08, but I have been an artist all my life (you can call squiggles on paper art, right?). Alright, so, professionally only since about the 80's when my 'studio' was officially born. When first introduced to DAZ I was instantly hooked! (okay, who that's tried it hasn't been? And I will never forget him what got me involved in it!! You know who you are! ;-) ) Working with it has been the furthest cry I could have ever dreamed of from my traditonal fantasy and equine art (I think my pencils are forming a protest).
If anyone is curious about the name, Iceshark comes from my love of ice hockey and our local team The San Jose Sharks, 39 comes from the jersey number of my favorite player. I, personally, am a 30-something year young female artist and writter. My life is dedicated to my art, writting and, of course, my very spoiled dog.
I welcome any and all comments on my work that will aid into molding me into a better artist.
I won't subject you good people to any further prattle. Let it suffice to say that I am glad to be here, more pleased than words can say that a rookies work is being so well recieved, and I will endevour to continue to improve my craft to be truly worthy of the praise and kindness I have recieved.

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