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Bio, eh.  Born in Texas a long time ago.  Military service, 12 years Navy, Submarines (Boomers) the SSBN 641 (B), the SSBN 640 (G)  8 years Army Armor Corps.  3rd Battalion 32nd armor.  The US Army reorganized around Brigades instead of Regiments.  The name derives from the 38th armored regiment, but the battalion is attached to different brigades and divisions, as Regimental units are not really used anymore.  Retired around 1996.  Society for Creative Anachronism about 8 years active, Medallion Holder Warrior of Hidden Mountain,  House Rolling Thunder, Esquire to Viscount Syr Raime y Hyndyll of Drachenwald.  Currently living in Indiana.  I play Everquest, not a lot these days, got the name Arrogathor in Everquest and got used to using it.  Fond of science fiction, fantasy, philosophy, history, military things, and, of course, naked women.

My formal intent in messing about with Daz and similar programs is to do a political cartoon.  Basically just muddling about and killing time.

Marital status.  Never.  Not temperamentally suited for it.  No children.  No remaining ambitions.

I have a MySpace page here:

I post a sermon and various other things on a weekly basis there.  I am a legally ordained reverend church dude in the Church of Civilization, which I designed myself.  Ordination through the Universal Life Church.

Fiftyish, I don't keep careful count anymore.  That's about it.  Old picture from my days in the Army.

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