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Nothing is trivial

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Just imagine...

... a time when loss, sorrow and coldness outside have overwhelmed you, taken all colour out of your life... and all you can see is a one-way-road in a pitch black night, nothing right or left, only this road, the bright white median strip in front of you... nothing else, nothing while driving and following this road, coming from nowhere, driving into endless darkness...
It was also the time when I became completely addicted to the movie and message of "The Crow". I had to be down that far to really understand this film.

This was my world for nearly 3 years, and since I am able to "see" colours again (believe me, love is the ultimate cure!), I just want to enjoy them, play with them, experience them - and somehow make the invisible visible to others.

I'm sure many of you will think "TOO much colour in it!" viewing pictures of my "private playground"...
That's okay with me ;-)
But they just show my way to "see" and to play with colours, and I'm happy I can play again! So I really don't care that much about professional techniques, a picture might be perfect in every technical way but if it lacks the soul of the photographer or creator, it's empty somehow. But that doesn't mean I don't want to learn  ;-)

Thanks to everyone who's willing to share this love!  And thanks for sharing your wonderful creations with the world!

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