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Hello There Everybody,

So, I thought since I've been a Member of the outstanding Community for a good year now that I should update this page  :^)   Now that I've gotten SOME experience with Poser and most of it's functionalities I'm hoping that in time and by posting, that my Images will become what I envision them to be.

There are a lot of great, helpful artists here whom which have helped me on this Poser journey, and for that I am very greatful - Thank You to all who have taken time and lended a hand.

So, a little bit about me . . . . out of high school to the present, I have attended 3 different Trade schools. The first was Brooks College in Long Beach, CA which I went to study Graphic Design & Multimedia but didn’t like the school after being there for a few months. The second school I attended was CEI (Computer Education Institute), in Pomona, CA, which I attended to study something non-related to Graphic Design / Multimedia, it was CSR (Computer System Repair) which I did graduate from but once graduated I found that it wasn’t something that was any kind of passion so I didn’t pursue it after graduation.

The last Trade School I attended was Westwood College of Technology, in Upland, CA. At that school I went into it’s Graphic Design Program once again hoping this school would be different, if not, better – but after trying it for a little over a year, I found it still wasn’t what I expected. Within the time I was there I switched programs from Graphic Design to a program that they had just opened – Game Design & Animation.

So most of my background has been in this Industry but I haven’t been able to take it to where I wanted to get to which was directly to creating 3D images and such – which is what Poser allows people to do, and when I found Poser, it was just a HUGE sigh of relief, and then pain to think back and realize that all that money spent on those schools to just find Poser and get what I really wanted. Funny stuff, huh ?

Also, I recently took up sculpting and that world is also something I never thought possible for me to do without extensive schooling - but, Oh, I was wrong, and I'm darn glad I was. So now, sculpting and "Posing" are my mind consuming hobbies, but they feel like so much more than that - I would really just like to wake up every day and just sculpt and "Pose" all day long and I would be tremendously happy with that as my daily routine. "Posing" & Sculpting just consume almost every thought in my head . . . . all day long and I Love it ! But then reality sets in and it depresses me to realize that I can't spend all day everyday doing just that *sigh* . . . . someday . . . .


My Warmest Regards Everybody,

Fredo D Murillo Jr - FDMj
(Oo SiHusky oO)

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