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As a typical Scorpio, I tend not to reveal myself too deeply.  So...I live in Colorado, and in Second Life.  My name there is Sandy Schnook, if you ever enter and want to say Hi.  The name Ameesa is from a character whose story I might someday tell.  Her full name is, Ameesa T'Pnai cas Voci, her world has 3 moons and magic is in its' stones.

I found DAZ when I wanted to try making poses to use in Second Life, but after a couple of attempts, gave it up.  Not DAZ's fault, mine.  So I left off using DAZ or any program like it for almost a year.  Then I wanted to try clothing in Second Life, that lead me to GIMP, from GIMP I then found Twisted Brush by Pixarra, and played with both of those for a while.  But while I have an artists' soul, I don't have the talent.  Not for drawing anyway.  Needlework and writing are my fortes.  Then Second Life brought in something new, and I decided to try 3d modeling (still lost at that).  That brought me to Hexagon, and Hexagon brought me back to DAZ.  What I put in the gallery is a result of rediscovering DAZ and realizing I can make a picture in my head a reality.  I'm now discovering Bryce and between Bryce and DAZ, maybe I can start putting Ameesa's story into picture form and from there maybe into words.  One can make my people, the other can make my worlds.  And maybe seeing the combination of people and world, I might be inspired to breathe life into the characters i've been making notes about for years.

I really want to thank anyone who sees my pictures and give a huge THANK YOU! for the wonderful comments I've been receiving.  I'm not the world's most confident person, though I can take a criticism also, and knowing that anyone thinks what I make is worthy of a look, is a huge boost.

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