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In 2007 I made this account to upload most of my new photography. Some may know me as "striving" and a Bryce gallery poster.

With some falling off of motivation and interest in 3D graphics, I began getting more involved with photography. Starting with my purchase of a Nikon L1 digital camera in 2006. Which really does an awesome job at Macro/close-up work. But being very limited in any manual controls I got the bug to get more "hands on" with photography. So in 6/07 I bought a Canon EOS Rebel XTi. With only the Kit lens to start off with (18-55mm) and it lacking the quality for good macro, I have started getting into another direction I have wanted to try. Night Photography.

I have always loved the night time. The dark illuminated by lights of all kinds. Neon, flourecent, candles, etc. Something about the look of these really comes alive to me. So with that being a main focus of mine, I decided to make a new account and upload my new works on here. Leaving my other account to my occational 3D works. While all my images posted here will not be night shots. I do hope to fill it with a majority of them. As well as being somewhat new to using a dSLR (I had a Canon AE-1 for several years back in the 80s, but never did much more than shoot on program mode) I wanted a clean slate to watch my own progress clearly.

So heres to a new hobby/new learning curve and hopefully some great photos in my future... So thanks for visiting. -Bruce

Equipment so far: Canon EOS Rebel Xti w/ 18-55, 75-300 III, 50mm 2.5 Compact macro, Hoya Close Up filter set of +4, +2,+1. Bower +10

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