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  Well, I'm a 30 year old dude from Pennsylvania, USA, and my father, and older brother and sister are more artistic than me lol, they can actually use a brush, charcoals, colored pencils and such and i can't. Not fair if you ask me, not sure how I got skipped, but whatever, I found this, so here I am. Now you all have to deal with me lol!

  In truth, I build and paint h/o scale models, tanks from ww2 mostly, but also 1/38 scale cars, and the occasional Star Wars model. I also paint 25mm metal gaming figurines, LOTR, Star Wars, and D&D based fantasy figs, all that is my real world artistic talent.

  I'm currently out of work, my knees are shot and i have a hard time doing physical labor anymore. Worse still, I wasn't able to go to college, so I also have no trade or degree. Woe is me. So i found the world of 3D art as i surfed the web, and now its part of what i do to pass the time while I try to get back on my feet.

  If anybody needs thier roof done or new floors let me know, if you live close lol =)  I had been doing home improvements before i lost the job.

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