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Metal & movies! That's my life!

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My name is Michael. I'm from germany!
I'm 29 and not married. I like playing E-guitar & listen to my favourite bands (all kind of Metal/Rock like "Metallica", "Iron Maiden" & Japanese 60's Garage-/Surf Rockbands like "the's").

I work mainly with Daz Studio, but I'm also using
Blender, Bryce & Hexagon to create my own characters & props. 

Greetings from germany,

Here's a big overview about the characters of my "Mars Attacks" series! Maybe somebody has already noticed this:

The main characters are assorted into "3 groups"!

This makes it easier to split the story in several connected subplots!

Pic from left to right:
3x Army/Soldier
3x Rocker 
3x Homeless people (a 4th is still to reveal)

And there's a kind of leader in every group:
Army/Soldier= Uncle Charly (middle)
Rocker= Mike (right)
Homeless people= Homer (middle)

Here's a full list of all names, since there're quite many characters + the connections between the characters!

Pic from left to right:

1. The "nameless" nurse: Mike met her @ the autopsy & she really likes him! ;)

2. Uncle Charly: Uncle of "Mike"! He's always there, when help is needed!

3. Granny: Granny of "Mike"! She was abducted by the martians & want revenge, since she missed her weekly "Bingo event" because of this! :)

1. Machete: The male part of the local troublemaker siblings! He's searching for a friend in the city!

2. Sophia: The female part of the local troublemaker siblings! She really likes "Mike",too! ;) Sounds like trouble's brewing!! :)

3. Mike: The main character (leader) of the main story!

Homeless people (a 4th is still to reveal)
1. Wilma: The daughter of "Homer" with 5 of her "little friends! :)

2. Homer: Father of "Wilma"! He really likes to create custom stuff (like "Uncle Charly & Mike")!

3. Willy: The brother of "Homer"! He really likes booze & his dog! LOL

You see, this epic has just started! :)
Thanks for all your comments!

Feel free to link to my gallery/homepage @ renderosity if you want!

Greetings from germany,



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