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Hi there,

Ok, i dont wanna talk too much about myself, as i think this site shall be around my artwork and work
with 3D, not about me as a person ...

I started working on 3D programs about many many years ago, with a program call "Reflections..." i guess
they called in monzoom some time later. That days on a Intel 486 DX 100 PC - Jesus, that where good times! :)

Well, years later, expecting more and more from the 3D world, i switched to Maxon's Cinema 4D (Oberland, who
made Reflections, did stop supporting it..). Cinema had given me much more abilities, but i also understood that
going with complex programs, does require to be much more patient....

It was always the imagination about things that you would like to do, but cannot, such as flying to space etc, that
drove my spirit to continue... than i found Poser, and i realized i can do pictures close to reality... my dream, to
create a realistic comic was catchable.

Then i saw the movie "Final Fantasy: The Spirits within!", which was the ultimate thing i thought. So, i got another
push to continue. I started on modeling props for Poser, ultimatly to get things ready for my comic "Vendevour 2260".
Unfortunately, time is short and runs quickly, so i am still stuck in modelling! :)

Whilst i already have a good portion of props ready, i also thought i can share them... So, thats why 3-d-c came alive,
and i started to sell and share my props here and on different 3D sites.


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