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Tallpindo's Visual 3D Art

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Tallpindo has been gifted with a digital camera and is able to present his unique viewpoint in photos. There are renders here that were made from machines and software he acquired since December 1994. The machines and software from before February 2004 has now gone to the hazzardous waste and recycling center.
Tallpindo grew up in a small town and had friends in high school who were older and owned hot rods. He went away to college at a state university where he had friends who were into folk music. Upon graduation it was off to California as the best of the two coasts to fit his degree in Physics.

A Shell salesman with a Porsche introduced tallpindo to the L.A. topless scene in 1965. Other batchelors in Marketing at Douglas Aircraft knew a vocational arts teacher in San diego which led to encounters with nude dwarf waitresses in Tijuana and a tall dark nude in a very dark bar in Tecate on the way to fishing in San Felipe for Cinco de Mayo.

Looking for a sports car led to a meeting with an instructor at the then new Disney sponsored Valencia art School.  The next door neibor had a Xerox word processor and was a professional resume writer. I met Arial. Pica and elite were passe.

In Florida I met some extremely beautiful women who were mathematical aides to the engineers at UTC-GPD.

Which brings us to a desktop of the tower type with a 19 inch monitor and Windows XP that is finally hooked to broadband cable in August of 2004.  When my sister retired we traveled together each winter to Florida near Tampa and I had to buy the cheapest laptop with a video accelerator board and a 15 inch screen to take with me. It was hooked to cable and the yearly migrations began.

Last year I took the train to the harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee and took factory tours and even got Bill Davidson to sign one of my renders. I entered my memory first car model as renders into the Troy Traffic jam at a local car show as a virtual car. I flew to Tailhook to get updated on Naval Aviation and showed my carrier renders to the daughter of R. G. Smith an inspiration to me as an artist in the 60's and 70's. I bought (a print of ) one of his works and it is framed and ready to hang here.

Some of the vendors have given me models to use and some have sold me things to use here. I am impressed with the progress in digital modelling and rendering shown here.  The site truly runs well and the need to thin the herd to avoid thumbnails not displaying has long ago disappeared.

I'll share with you a secret that inverts atheism.  I have no boss. No immediate supervisor.  The closest I come is critics and touchers. Then I can let you in on my secret. I work on objects in midair. Perhaps it began with idle preteen curiosity about certain breast configurations that are amazing for their apparant solidity. In the community of those who might be interested in an Air Force career if it was only a 3 year enlistment the official look was the wavey stripes of a Tech Sargeant not the 4 year with rockers of a combat Staff Sargeant.  Midairs are something not really talked about except for a shock encounter.  Looking will lead to bumping and that could be painful for overly sensitive wrappings.  Better to leave them unattended as impost. Getting involved in marquee forms where a tension wire holds in a major compression to achieve lift is not a midair. I think my first secret whisper of the community setup that leads to a midair was an Air West DC-9 and an El Toro Marine Corps F-4 "Phantom."  So I don't mold and manipulate geometric solids nor do I extrude splines.  Just put the point right there in the open space and put another one somewhere then select "link" and there is is a line. Make several million of them and you have a mega polygon object.  A conscientious lady once realized the impending doom and yelled, "Hug, Me!!."  There was no way to shift blame for the midair. She didn't have that firm dome of the turn on explorer.  Later another lady knocked on my door perhaps to explain. "My car won't move." I looked out and saw a pale blue Japanese hardtop sitting halfway in and halfway out of my driveway.  Definitely the subject needed to be made more polite. Then the local animal control warden came in her official truck and demanded I accompany her to the other end of the street because she "was afraid of the man's dog."  My dog had just recently died from a bite by a snake thrown over the fence into his yard.  I went anyway thinking that was what she got paid for.  I wish I could explain better to folks who want table top mockups or on the floor. I don't even hang things on wires from above.  Just project a hologram and with a bellows full of electrostatic powder--WHOOSH!!  The print is done in 3D and full scale barring those unfortunate excess thicknesses due to charge concentrations at projections.

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