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Hi. I'm Max (Nibburu) and I run a small graphics company called Tribaltek based in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.Mostly I do freelance work. This is just a little bit about what makes me tick I guess.... I love to travel and have been into art, crafts and music since as far back as I can remember, I love to work with my hands....create something from nothing, or not much to begin with. Whatever the medium, from brush to airbrush, pencil to pastel, woodcarving, jewelry or leatherwork, to the more technological worlds of Adobe,Poser,Bryce,Vue and Cinema 4D. I started with Photoshop nearly 13 yrs ago when I was in college doing a graphic design course. I was introduced to the wonderful world of 3D graphics by really good friend, DJ and artist Jordan Holmes.

 I lived and worked in the UK for a period of 8 yrs but returned to SA in 2002 and fell in love with my country and its people all over again. Although a beautiful place, and vibrant mix of cultures and creeds, it is not without its of the most important being lack of good education. Tribaltek Digital Design is a non-profit organization run by an artist for other underprivileged artists in the local communities of South Africa. Basically, I teach talented rural kids (those that can read and write), 5 at a time and with 2 ancient PC's how to create magic with Photoshop and other computer software. Sometimes I have the luxury of an office, sometimes its a hut and we're running off solar power and batteries!No matter,the results are the same....beautiful,vibrant pieces with a uniquely African perspective. All work and funding I get, enables me to keep this project running smoothly and with no gaps and the next stage is an independent website for these people to display their collective works on. So please people...any leads for work or funding are really appreciated by a lot of people, who would otherwise have no means by which to view your digital creations! Any one interested in possibly helping with this project can contact me by email at or by the mail system on Renderocity under my artists name “Nibburu”. All help will be appreciated.

Spare time...not much of it hese days,I juggle between my beautiful partner Marieclaire,playing with my dogs (Isis & Cleo),friends, Universal Energy Healing techniques, and harvesting & propagating naturally occuring Aloe Hybrids.I'm also part of a four man DJ crew who play the chill floors at the local Psy trance events and festivals.We play Psydub,Psybient,Tribal Fusion and other downtempo tunes but all of us have been known to belt out the trance once in a while.

 Well I guess thats about it...thanks for staying with me, as well as taking the time to look at and comment on my work. God bless and have a great day.

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