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Lair of the Nachtgänger

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My name is Oliver - Retro among friends - and from my point of view the world started existing on November 9th 1971, I have the honor of being a citizen in the Kingdom of Denmark and I've lived most of my life in the royal capital of Copenhagen.

I've had many jobs over the years; from serving in the King's Own Artillery Regiment at the end of the Cold War to dance club security at the beginning of the 21st century, but 5-years apprenticeship in the late 90's means that I can call myself photographer.

I've never really liked labels, but I needed something to put on my business card so today I call myself "Independent Photographer/3D Artist/Freelance Writer" but the truth is that I see myself more as an observer who use photography, 3D art and short stories to present the rest of the world to my vision of it.


A good friend will come and bail you out of jail, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying "Damn, that was fun!!!"

I reject your reality and substitute my own
Adam Mythbuster

Never have so few been commanded by so many
Major-General Maxwell Taylor, 82nd Airborne Division
Normandy, June 6th 1944

If those primates we come from had known that someday politicians would come out of the gene pool they would have stayed up in the trees and written off evolution as a bad idea
Captain John Sheridan
Commanding Babylon 5

"It has been said that science-fiction and fantasy are two different things: science-fiction, the improbable made possible; fantasy, the impossible made probable."

-Rod Serling - The Twilight Zone

" Now, if this was a science fiction movie, this is the part where the brilliant boy genius that everybody has been ignoring up to this point, pipes up and tells the balding Captain that by cross linking the Warp Core, the Impulse engine and a reverse framistat, then dividing the warp field lattice by the square root of last Tuesday, he can get them all home."

"Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to shape it."

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