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Although I've been here awhile, I haven't uploaded any of my work. I am fairly new to this, and by no means educated to graphics except what I have learned basically on my own, but with the help of some excellant artists. From I.R. Brainiac, SK Originals, Po Smedley, Bones2112, Skinhit, Adni18, Boss0119, Tippytoenail, Bebop, Pumakitten & my good friend Redneckdude. The list goes on. I have done logons mainly for such fantastic artists such as romanceworks, bastrup, bogwoppet, cwrw, riggo40 & many more here @ renderosity. I mainly take the highly unusal, artistic works which move me to produce logons for LogonSudio for XP, Vista & Win7 for your startup screens. I am now doing wall renders, User icons to go with the various logon themes & also now doing Start8 start buttons for Win8. I do this as a hobby as I enjoy being able to show other artists work to the public so they can enjoy them as I do. It's an adventure to start off with being greeted and set the mood for a new day of creating the fantastic works that will be a part of someones's life and influence them to take the step to becoming artists also. I saw what everyone else was doing so I wanted to learn and be a part and begin creating that which has not been done. I was greatly moved by these works so I thought well start with the basics and help represent an authors work in a theme and along the way learn how to do them myself. I am blessed by those who took a chance and let me graciously use their artwork for this. I am thankful for all the kind, generous advice that I have been given along the way. I am far from being as you all are and hope to be a benefit from all your talents. I have galleries @ Wincustomize, Deviantart, Shadownwss & Skinbase to mention a few if you are interested and would like to look into my work. I have just started to upload what I have made here so it will take some time as I have more than 90 logons and some wall renders. The first is a logon Black Lagoon and there is a wallpack of three sizes to go with the logon. I hope you find my work enjoyable and always open to advice and comments. Please feel free to email me or send a sitemail with inquiries, etc... If you have a piece you would like to see done in a logon feel free to ask and I will find the time to create one that will fit the theme of your work. I always run the final work by the author back to make any changes necessary before final upload. I never take credit for what is not mine. I look forward to being more involved here and hope you all will visit from time to time, and maybe we can work on something together someday!!!
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