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Been away for a while. Computer gremlins made my hard drive eat most of my work but left left some crumbs for me to follow. Many things have change somethings haven't.

I will reconnect to my inner 3D-ness and continue on my journey into 3D digital arts, photography, illustration and other as yet unexplored venues.

I still work with a mouse and not a tablet. But a tablet will be in my future if for no other reason than it may well be the bridge between inspiration and exicution. However, I still believe one is not 'poorer' for the lack of one.

'The 3D world is lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles (of renders) to go before I sleep.' to paraphrase a line from Robert Frost.

PS ... I will always remain tremendously indebted to all the fine work produced by other artists that have given me the characters and all the wonderful paraphernalia, tools, styles etc. needed for me to start creating 3D images and art. They have been the trustworthy training wheels on my digital arts bicycle experience.  I am looking forward to being able to start giving back more in the new year.

Learn something new every day ... it will make up for the things you will eventually forget either tomorrow, the next day, today ... wait, what was I gonna say? :)

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