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A little about me? Hmmmmmm.  Well my name is Michael and I am married Courtney aka coryk. I have two wonderful daughters, Lauryn and Katelyn. I am into many styles of art whether from the likes of Royo to a very rare Lauryn original, ie scribbles on a paper.  I have been a photgrapher for well over 20 years, but choose not to have that as my occupation, (that would ruin the artistic feel of it).

Some stats (read boring $h&t about me)

I was born in Wheatridge Colorado and lived in the Denver metro area for 32 years but decided to move to Gainesville Texas back in 01. I got so tired of snow that went to my ass for 9 months of the year.

I watch WWE wrestling almost religiously, and I am also a big time news junkie. I also enjoy reading and anything that is not a rellity tv show.

I am into flight simulators and have been since Microsoft Flight sim 1, and currently second in command of a virtual fighter squadron. This is actually how I got into DAZ, I needed a way to make my own nose art for my aircraft, but the DAZ took over and has become a monster all its own and I will not, repeat NOT, vanquish this beast for i DO love the art form.

As for my musical tastes well that is best described as chaotic. I have been known to listen to everything except bubblegum pop, hip hop, rap, and country. i have also found that the older I have gotten the louder and harder the music has gotten. Example at 18 y.o. I listened to 50s and early 60s rock, 20 years later I listen to everything up to grindcore.

As for my tv pleasures NCIS, WWE, CNN and History Channel.-----I know BOOOORRRRING!:)

I am also the proud owner of a single story Victorian era home that is in a permanant state of remodel.  The way I figure ti I may have it done when the moprgage is nearly paid off.

Well thats all I can think of of for now but I will update this some time in the future. And by the way Thanks to all of you that have favorited me I find that as a GREAT honor and thanks for all your kind and inspirational comments.

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