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My name is... ok, call me Fluff, just like everybody else does.

I´m 28 years old, female, and German.

Originally I´m an archeologist, but had to give it up due to an auto-immune illness, that threw my life upside down some 5 years ago. So now, I earn my money with my pics, my writings and when my body lets me, with whatever work I find that interests me. Be that as a waitress, translator, personal assistent, book trader, or, when I´m very lucky and my body is very well behaved, archeologist.


I´m living with my partner of six years in southern Germany.

Do I have pets? Yes, a  Boa Constrictor Imperator. A total cutsie and diva to boot.


Hobbies: yes, I have them. First and foremost books, books, books. Ranging from Schiller to Harry Potter, grazing any piece of German or English language classics, poetry [German classicism and romanticism], Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, suspense and crime, of course archeological scientific publications ( and yes, they ARE interesting).

Anything else? Oh yes, music, I play a few instruments. Theatre, yes, as well, now´n then.

How did I start 3D arts? It started with archeology and photoshop, when maps had to be digitalized. That led to creating banners for friends. Then the illness came and I had to stop dancing, so I needed another way to express myself and spend my time. A friend mentioned Daz Studio as the perfect combination with my love for photoshop.

...the rest is history. 

I´m still learning, but for doing this for only one year so far, I´m doing ok and still have the pleasure of finding new ways to work with both programs.




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