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Hello and welcome to my page!

I´m a hobbyist bass guitar player  (that´s why I named myself  "thebasstard")and 3 D Graphics hobbyist.

I started with DAZ Studio, but today I use mostly Carrara 6, with some textures and smaller objects made by me in Photoshop and Wings 3D. The most part is still based on pre-made models customized with with morphs and textures. 

Being convinced, that art should rise questions about society and evoke emotions, I highly appreciate political art and satirical works.

I´ve not as much time for CGI as I´d like to have, there´s a job for a living, my political activity for my convictions and then comes CGI, so it may take a while until a new image is published. My dream is it to combine as much of these fields as possible.

One of the worst things in art in my opinion is conformity. I dislike conformity in life in general and I think it destroys art. I try to give my characters a personality or at least a contrast to the cheerleader and supermodel type of figures.
A conformist superficial society is destroying the potential of people who doesn´t fit into the standard, creating intolerance, discrimination and cultural poverty while killing creativity.

A problem a lot of very talented political  artists have, is that they don´t get the attention they deserve and so their message is widely lost. Many people who look at and make CGI just focus on Pin-Ups and try to avoid politics.

However we can´t lock ourself into a digital Barbie & Ken world and we shouldn´t try doing that. We can avoid the consequences of politics for a while, but we can´t demand a democracy and in the same time hope somebody else will regulate our affairs for us. We live in a hierarchical economic system and when we don´t defend our democratic and human rights, somebody will sell them behind our back.

If you want a change, be the change you want to see. Start with being a responsible consumer and voter, start being a citoyen. Start to ask questions and be yourself.

I´m open for testing new products and models in DAZ Studio or Carrara; just drop me  a line. I´m open for art collaborations too,  in working together we can achieve a productivity, one artist can´t achieve by time.

If you want some of my work for illustration, or to give me a commission, just ask for it.

I want to thank everybody who is viewing my images and especially those who comment on them!

BST in July. 2012

"We are convinced that freedom without Socialism is privilege and injustice, and that Socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality." Michail Bakunin


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