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ArtPearl - Watercolor and CG Images

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I am no longer active here. Too many restrictions and unpleasant interactions with admin.

In addition I now focus on traditional art, which is very neglected on this site.

If you are interested in following my art you can find me on RedBubble

or on deviant art

See you there!

About my Art - Watercolor, Poser &Vue

I have been painting mainly with transparent watercolor on paper. Most of my paintings depict hypothetical situations and imaginary scenes, striving to capture ideas and moods rather then a resemblance to specific places or people. On many occasions more than one way forward suggest themselves either from the onset or during the painting process. I like to explore these possibilities in different paintings and thus I have several ongoing themes (Some examples of themes I worked on are shown in the image above).

I started useing Poser and then Vue mainly to set up virtual models and/or scenes which are then painted in watercolor.  The CG images were supposed to be only an intermediate stage, but  I now got the CG  bug, and I'm trying to make these images a 'product ' on their own accord.

Feedback is really very important to me. I appreciate any form of it:  comments on the impact the images had on you (or saying it had none), things you enjoyed, things you hated, any artistic aspects - (composition, color, lights & shadows etc.) - any technical comments( eg Poser/Vue issues) and anything else you find relevant.

If you dont know a lot (or at all) about Watercolors, Poser or Vue, please dont let it deter you from leaving a comment. Just comment on what you see and what it made you feel or think.
You could also ask questions, and if I know how to  answer - I will.

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