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Two photographies, The Fixed Stars and Flower Boats,
received honorable mentions at the International Photography Awards 2008 competition

'Honeycomb Fingers' Valley
made it to the finalists section in the Vue 2006 3D Environment Competition 2007

Two images from the Artificial Light Macros received the title 'nominee' int the still life category at the International Color Master Awards 2007

Was published at the gallery section in It's Art Magazine

'Old Memories - Under the bridge' won 'Image of the week' on and 'Picture of the day' at e-on.

'Glop Collony'
won 2nd place in the Vue 2006 3D Environment Competition 2006

Skills and software:

Autodesk Maya, Vue Infinite, Xenodream, Apple Shake, Photoshop, OnyxTree, Geocontrol

Modeling, Lighting, Ecosystem, Terrain generation, Design,Camera and Layout


I wish to work in a team full of enthusiasm and life force, taking part in one of the following projects:

A Independent Film, be it fantasy, psychological or poetic in nature, animation based or camera based - as a photographer on the set or a 3D junior art director or CG concept creation artist

A fantasy Quest/Adventure type computer game, in which I can use my imagination and CG skills
as a concept artist, lighting artist or junior art director

Any innovative and expressive Interactive CG projects, digital art projects, 3D projections, small creative teams and environments would benefit my work and are welcome and sought for

Different Photography projects, non comercial, social, independent, which may involve travelling, study or research,
especially on nature related subjects

Book Illustration, be it for fantasy, fiction, or for children

Artist in residence projects

3D Work:

A mixture of surreal and serene lands, transmitting a feeling of intense ardour, melancholy or mystery, The Emotional Landscapes gallery contains images that are usually the product many pieces of software; as for rendering times or poly count, each new generation increases the technical difficulty, demanding all the necessary hardware and patience.

This gallery contains a selection of the images from former galleries, grouped by age and value into generations, all gathered and improved over the years. It blends two major pieces of software and their advantages – the imaginative possibilities of Maya and the vast scenery implements of Vue Infinite.


The Glow World gallery is based on the actual physical reference of photographing auras by means of electric plates and sparks in a laboratory environment.The PaintFx system and will develop quite much in the future, and will include organic work with Xenodream and Maya and it will also be enhanced by compositing techniques. It will eventually require more animations, though now it is in an early stage.

Photography Work:
An important part of my work is concerned with
Macro experiments and with finding new ways to enhance what nature
already placed there and understanding how one can give objects and
sets their corresponding meaning and fill them with a particular energy.
The Artificial Light Macro
section is a particular quest aiming to achieve crisp, noise free
results, using different lighting techniques. It has been developed
into many different branch projects which have different stage sets
characteristics which bring them apart.Attention and innovation would
be the main terms, imbued in a certain vision and atmosphere you wish
to embed in the images, and overall, patience, searching, organizing
and working nights.
All the images from the A.L.M.
galleries are realized with the following idea in mind: to be as close
to true photography, made from the camera, though in a now digital age.
This means that they do not involve any kind of photo manipulation, all
objects and environment conditions are simulated and placed on the
'studio stage'.

The corrections applied are as follows: the corners of the image are redone/filled/cloned in the Minutes subcategory, due to a specific workflow and necessary reflection acquirement.In other cases, very small areas are repaired, a few highlights removed - and those last changes are seldom. Objects are not duplicated/cloned, but hand placed:)

The other are normal post production technical adjustments in Photoshop - many images are HDR processed and locally adapted - color corrections, curves, shadows, saturation, a bit of noise removal and sharpening, all applied to more or less, depending on the case.


Nature fascinates me as a whole and I try to explore it as best as I can, paying attention to the details and light conditions one may just pass by. Many a time it was better to leave the trodden path in favor of some exploring. In time you will have trained your eye to search and be gladdened by the fine and small parts of the world.


Among the images that are related to movement, I nominate the Moved Light section, in which light is stretched and shifted (be it by a horizontal or vertical camera movement) and becomes trails,fireworks, likeness to particles in motion.
Painting with light should be just as random as you want it, sometimes achieving abstract, fairy-like results

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