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Perpetrators: Paul deWinter, Matthew Rolfe, Andrew Rolfe. Location; South West England Ages; "About that", "" and "no comment"

3dmodelz is an independant trio of modellers, Paul DeWinter, and brothers Andrew and Matthew Rolfe. Despite all three having numerous years experience each, it's only since December 2001 that they have had a presence on the web, when they launched with 200 free models, 75 retail models, and selections of wallpaper and textures. In that first six months, they established a firm presence among the 3d community, due to an unmistakable style and slightly off-the-wall designs and ideas. Notable sucesses in that time are inclusion on a cover disc of a graphics magazine with 12 models, and an approach to supply models for a 3d engine that is being developed. The latest twist in the tale is the release of WorldZ, and enviroment prop tool for Poser. Receiving wide acclaim, this product helps the user get more from Poser, by providing 360 degree enclosure of scenes. Fully customisable, this really is a truly versatile product. Within two days of WorldZ being on release, The Poser Handbook (Charles River Media) author, Shamms Mortier, had been in touch to ask if WorldZ could be featured in the forthcoming latest edition. A review in the Charles River Media newsletter is also imminent. Following less than 2 months after that came the 3dmodelz Foreground Tool. Another stroke of creative ingenuity, the Foreground Tool is another versatile product with a host of uses that is easy on both the user, and the RAM of the computer rendering it. The Foreground Tool provides detailed foregrounds without the need for memory intensive geometry. Christmas 2002 saw WorldZ taking a further step with version 2. Naturally, this was made available free to anyone who had previously bought version 1. More critical acclaim followed, and was still echoing when 3dmodelz V-LightZ hit the market. Once again, making life easier for the Poser user, this impressive set of props provide instant volumetric lighting effects directly in Poser, thereby saving an emormous amount of time in post production. The arrival of Febraury 2002 also heralded the award of Renderosity's Merchant Of The Month to 3dmodelz, something that came out of the blue at us. A bit like the Inquisition....we weren't expecting that!
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